Who We Are

Curvaceous Lifestyle Nigeria is a South African based limited company with branches in Nigeria and Kenya. Since its inception, Curvaceous Lifestyle has established itself as a major force in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and some
parts of Africa like Nigeria and Kenya market.
Working with talents and models from diverse African countries. We understand with professionalism the management of Pan-African Talent and Models. We have a track record of talents and models who had made a career with notable establishments, discovered by Curvaceous Lifestyle, and this leaves a credible appraisal as we continue to be the best lifestyle company dominating the industry.
Our focus is to provide suitable services to Corporate organizations, Advertising agencies, Event companies, film and production professionals, to promote,market or activate their products to target audience with ease and cost -effectiveness. We know African grounds and the lands embraces our brand.
We are a PAN African lifestyle company who is skilled in the areas of Image Consultant, Ushers, Promotions/Activation,TV Commercials, Fashion Shows, Beauty Pageant, Reality TV Show, Talk Show, Trade Shows, Auto Shows, private functions, etc. Additionally, Curvaceous Lifestyle has diversified talents database that consists of actresses, presenters.
We had done fashion shows, TV Commercials, music videos, promotions, hostess, brand ambassador and product activation etc. Kindly visit our gallery for pictures and videos.

Our Sponsors

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