About Miss Curvaceous

The Miss Curvaceous is strictly a pageant cum reality show that brings back the dignity of every woman irrespective of their body shape. The required age range is between 18-27 years.  
The Miss Curvaceous brand was birthed to deter any formal stigmatization with a curvaceous woman or model, hence, we refurbish every unbranded women into a ‘Curvaceous Brand’, through classes customized training and psychological orientation impartation (complete International Human Capital Management curriculum) also sensitizing men on how to appreciate curvaceous women rather than perceiving them as sex objects; thus Curvaceous Lifestyle is against any form of body shaming and women abuse! 
We are remodeling the future of women to be useful for brands and the marketplace at large. We simply support homegrown and international brand to the top.
The industry has misinterpreted curvaceous to be +size and its not. We are resolute and absolute about the general or
societal ideology of a curvaceous girl, which connote seeing them as a ‘sex object’ or ‘good-for nothing’ category, this implies featuring them in the marketplace or becoming a brand enforcer or a brand ambassador.
CLS is the creator of a solution-proven system to answer these open-ended problems (low self-esteem and self-confidence) that has done massive damage individually and collectively to every woman.
We pride ourselves in promoting African culture through education and empowerment programs like reading, public speaking etc
We are simply professionals because we invented ‘The Curvaceous Market ’ for corporate business solutions via
the Curvaceous Lifestyle.


To boost self-esteem, eraidcate body shaming and abuse of Big, Bold, Beautiful and Curvaceous African women.


To be symbol of HOPE on everything Big, Bold and Curvaceous in Africa

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